Friday, August 28, 2015

Three More Days! Every Pledge Counts.

The Atelier26 IndieGogo fundraising initiative closes on Monday, August 31st. That's three more days to make a pledge and/or to help us spread the word to potential supporters (those other avid readers in your life).

If you've been meaning to pledge, there's never been a better time. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Your pledge is tax-deductible (and brings you beautiful books)
  • The use of all funds is overseen by our fiscal sponsor, an external nonprofit arts organization
  • Your pledge will go directly to the up-front expenses of reprinting and promotion necessitated by our new national distribution
  • Your pledge will have a direct impact on the size of the initial People Like You print-run (we want to go big!)
  • Your pledge will allow us to make the most of the opportunities before us and sustain our place in the lives of readers.
Thanks to 77 generous donors, we're at 26% of our goal and will have the privilege to send out many books, including scores of Margaret Malone's brilliant debut People Like You. We'd love to send out even more!  Click over to see the literary goodies we're offering and the deductions that come with them, and help us make the most of these final three days.

Viva Readers! Atelier26 HQ

P.S. Have you seen the advance praise for People Like You?
P.P.S Our authors are busy this Fall. Are they reading near you?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Going for 40% This Week! (New Bonus Perk = $20 Bookstore Gift Card!)

In the 17 days since our Next Big Chapter campaign launch, 60 of you have pledged your support and collectively brought us to the 22% threshold! Your pledges are matched by your moral solidarity in helping us get the word out about our quixotic literary mission. Thank you for your retweets, FB shares, and other links. For all of it, we’re more grateful than we can say. 

We have just 14 days to go, and we’re driving toward the 30% mark, but with your continued help in sharing via social media and word of mouth, we believe we can get to 40% funded by this time next week.

Here’s to maintaining the terrific momentum!

We've drawn a name from the hat: Congratulations to supporter William Summers, who receives this week's bonus perk, a stylish “Read Local” mug!

Each week we’ll send out one or more BONUS PERKS. If you’ve pledged $15 or more since our campaign launch, your name remains in the hat! 

A $20 gift certificate to your local independent bookstore! (Goodness, think of the paperbacks!)
PLEDGE BY: 11:59 p.m. PST, Sunday, August 23rd

I'm just back from the Catamaran Writing Conference in Northern California, where I had the opportunity to participate in a distinguished publishing panel and to share the values and vision of Atelier26 Books. It was my first such opportunity, and I spoke from the heart, outlining my idealistic reasons for founding this tiny publishing operation, and sharing the gratifications that come of forming nurturing relationships with gifted writers. What I said, in part, was that in founding Atelier26 I was seeking to answer a number of important questions, including: 
  • How to publish mindfully
  • How to publish, as much as possible, from the writer’s perspective
  • How to publish as beautifully as possible? 
  • How to be small, and still create meaningful, significant relationships with readers? 
  • How to be reasonable and sustainable in our aims, to grow steadily, to remain relationship-oriented, and to focus on culture (rather than a “marketplace”)?
I was unabashedly earnest and enthusiastic. How could I be anything else? It feels so right to share the good news of this press and its authors. And the coming chapters are so very exciting!

Yours quixotically, in gratitude,
M. Allen Cunningham, Atelier26

Atelier26 Next Big Chapter Funding Goal:
Amount Raised as of Today:
$2,590 (or 22%!)
Remaining Amount to Raise:
Fundraising Days Remaining:

Monday, August 10, 2015

You Can Help Us Push Toward 20%!

We’re ten days into the Atelier26 Next Big Chapter Campaign and 16% along, and we think that is tremendous! With three weeks remaining, it may be a photo finish, but we’re confident we can get to our goal. As we move further into this second week of fundraising, please help us spread the word about The Atelier26 Books Next Big Chapter Campaign, via links from our Facebook page, retweets from our Twitter account, or other shares from the sidebar on this page.

Thank you to all our awesome supporters!

OUR FIRST BONUS PERK RECIPIENTS!: We’ve drawn two names from the hat, and it’s our pleasure to announce that supporter Sarah Berry receives a copy of Kyle Minor’s acclaimed short story collection Praying Drunk, and supporter Tracy Burkholder receives Forest Avenue Press’sThe Night, and the Rain, and the River!

We’ll send your bonus perks out shortly, Sarah and Tracy. Congrats!

THIS WEEK’S BONUS PERK: Each week over the course of this campaign we’ll send out one or more BONUS PERKS. As long as you’ve pledged $15 or more since our campaign launch, your name will remain in the hat! This week’s perk is…

A stylish READ LOCAL mug! (Because authors, publishers, and bookstores in one's own community are where it's at, right?)

PLEDGE BY: 11:59 p.m. PST, Sunday, August 16th

A PREVIEW OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU: This spring, Margaret Malone’s short story “The Only One” appeared in Propeller Quarterly. Read the story entire online, and whet your appetite for the book's exciting launch! 

Yours bookishly, in gratitude,
 M. Allen Cunningham, Atelier26

Atelier26 Next Big Chapter Funding Goal:
Amount Raised as of Today:
$1,945 (or 16%!)
Remaining Amount to Raise:
Fundraising Days Remaining:

Friday, August 07, 2015

Why We Publish

Take a look behind the scenes at Atelier26 Books. If you like what you see, consider pledging your support and receiving some fabulously unique literary perks!