Monday, April 17, 2006

Beverly Hills Event: May 12, 2006

On Friday, May 12 2006, four of my short stories will be read aloud by professional stage & screen actors at the Beverly Hills Public Library as part of the 10th anniversary season of the New Short Fiction Series, "L.A.'s only live literary magazine!" The author will be in attendance.

The Details:
Fri. May 12, 2006 -- 8:00pm (doors at 7:30)
Things We Can't Untie -- short stories by M. Allen Cunningham
Beverly Hills Public Library Auditorium
444 N. Rexford Dr. (between Santa Monica Blvd & Burton Way)
Beverly Hills, CA
Admission $10


"Pieta" : A diseased pelvis, a hard heart, and two estranged sisters. “...Dimension changes. Depth and distance and size seem no longer governed by any limiting force. And yet Lena is shrinking, disappearing, folding inward and backward...”

"The Next Cove"
: A survival tale (of sorts). Young man and old together in a leaky dinghy. “...Once, coming up to toss the water, he glimpses the white aureole of steam flowing from the old man’s body, rising in a perfect spectral replica to blend into the sheet of rain...”

"Windmills" : A story of two kinds of loneliness.
“...I’ve never heard him like this, though his father’s funeral comes to mind. Anthony stood at the podium and cried and cried, wiping his cheeks and trying to speak, but just kept crying and finally had to sit down...”

"Date of Disappearance" : A man's flawed and flailing attempt to save a relationship. "...He's been lying here since morning in this ransacked bedroom aswarm with bees. Trouserless, ice packed at his groin..."