Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Q: What is Partisans about?
A: War, Art, Ambition, Perception, Subversion.
Q: You can't be any more specific?
A: How could I possibly be?
Q: Who was G.P. Leed?
A: A writer who worked in the Northwest Territory like me. A compatriot of anyone espoused to the humane imagination, the powers and possibilities of consciousness as opposed to mass perceptions or the dilutions and mediations of systems and 'high' technologies.
Q: Is Partisans a political book?
A: Ask the reader.
Q: Is Partisans an allegory?
A: No. Though many things are.
Q: Is it speculative fiction?
A: What other kind is there?
Q: How did you come to edit and publish G.P. Leed's lost manuscript?
A: Some questions cannot be answered.
Q: Will its publication put you in danger?
A: Probably. But that's true of every book. Art is the result of having been in danger.
Q: You're quoting someone, aren't you?
A: Yes. Of course everything is a quote in its way.
Q: Is Partisans a quote? What of?
A: Oh, Don Quixote and many other things. It's not for me to say but for the reader to perceive.
Q: Where is the Acknowledgements page?
A: Leed never included one. Why should I? Refer to answer above.
Q: Was G.P. Leed for real?
A: Was Jules Renard or Cervantes, or Janos Lavin?
Q: What are your hopes for Partisans?
A: They're no different than Leed's were, and those are plain to see on every page.
Q: Read the book, you're saying.
A: Leed himself writes, "Dare the reader to understand!"
Q: But would you really call most readers daring?
A: They'd better be.
Q: Who are the most daring among them?
A: Those who go first, naturally.

M. ALLEN CUNNINGHAM is the author of the novels The Green Age of Asher Witherow (a #1 Indie Next Pick) and Lost Son (about the life and work of Rainer Maria Rilke), the illustrated limited-edition short story collection Date of Disappearance, and two volumes of nonfiction, The Honorable Obscurity Handbook and The Flickering Page: The Reading Experience in Digital Times. He lives and works in the Northwest Territory.