Monday, August 10, 2015

You Can Help Us Push Toward 20%!

We’re ten days into the Atelier26 Next Big Chapter Campaign and 16% along, and we think that is tremendous! With three weeks remaining, it may be a photo finish, but we’re confident we can get to our goal. As we move further into this second week of fundraising, please help us spread the word about The Atelier26 Books Next Big Chapter Campaign, via links from our Facebook page, retweets from our Twitter account, or other shares from the sidebar on this page.

Thank you to all our awesome supporters!

OUR FIRST BONUS PERK RECIPIENTS!: We’ve drawn two names from the hat, and it’s our pleasure to announce that supporter Sarah Berry receives a copy of Kyle Minor’s acclaimed short story collection Praying Drunk, and supporter Tracy Burkholder receives Forest Avenue Press’sThe Night, and the Rain, and the River!

We’ll send your bonus perks out shortly, Sarah and Tracy. Congrats!

THIS WEEK’S BONUS PERK: Each week over the course of this campaign we’ll send out one or more BONUS PERKS. As long as you’ve pledged $15 or more since our campaign launch, your name will remain in the hat! This week’s perk is…

A stylish READ LOCAL mug! (Because authors, publishers, and bookstores in one's own community are where it's at, right?)

PLEDGE BY: 11:59 p.m. PST, Sunday, August 16th

A PREVIEW OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU: This spring, Margaret Malone’s short story “The Only One” appeared in Propeller Quarterly. Read the story entire online, and whet your appetite for the book's exciting launch! 

Yours bookishly, in gratitude,
 M. Allen Cunningham, Atelier26

Atelier26 Next Big Chapter Funding Goal:
Amount Raised as of Today:
$1,945 (or 16%!)
Remaining Amount to Raise:
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