Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Illustrated Story Collection News: Help Still Needed

The Date of Disappearance percentage bar held steady most of last week. Then within a single twenty-four-hour period it leapt seven percentage points! That was something to see, let me tell you, and it brought the remaining funds-to-raise down to the three-figure range!

In a matter of days we will enter the final two weeks before United States Artists pulls the plug on this fundraiser. As fundraising goes, that is an extremely short period of time, which means help getting the word out and encouraging continued support is as critical as ever to this project’s success.

Please make liberal use of the “Share” and “Embed” links beside my videos, the pass-along message included in my 10/16 update, and the Date of Disappearance Facebook page.

And buckle your seatbelts, it’s gonna be close!!

Anyone who has pledged in the time between this fundraiser’s launch and the close of next Saturday, November 5th will be eligible to receive …
A downloadable audio version of my short story “Windmills” in its entirety, including my personal audio greeting and dedication to YOU. Listen on your bike, in the car, or at the gym! This is story #3 in the collection. Here’s a snippet:

“I came inside and I realized the whole drive home was a blank. Like it didn’t happen. I couldn’t remember starting the car, changing highways, listening to the radio, nothing. Have you ever had a feeling like that?”
PLEDGE BY: 11:59 p.m. PT, Saturday, Nov. 5th

Congrats to our latest Patron Extraordinaire, Taniya, whose name was just drawn from the hat! Taniya receives a spiffy and durable pocket journal by Moleskine. Look for it soon, Taniya, and enjoy!

With enduring gratitude, and with good hopes,

Date of Disappearance Project Goal:
Amount Raised as of Today:
            $3,928 (or 83%!)
Remaining Amount to Raise:
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