Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Pleased to Meet You" -- M. Allen Cunningham's Video Ice-Breaker

My illustrated limited edition story collection, Date of Disappearance, is currently 74% funded with 26 funding days remaining.

To offer prospective supporters some getting-to-know-you time, I made this short video. I answer four basic questions, and you get a peek at my writing studio, my bookshelf, and a thing I like to call my “valuable downgrade.”

The fundraiser has come this far thanks to 47 generous supporters. But this is a fund or bust deal. If the goal is not reached by the deadline, the project receives no aid. I'd love to have your support (and send you some special gifts!). It's a no-risk proposition, it's tax-deductible, and you get something unique in return (autographed books, in some cases).

For more about Date of Disappearance and how you can help, please see my project video:

Thanks for your consideration.
-- M. Allen Cunningham