Sunday, September 18, 2011

Announcing the Date of Disappearance Patron Extraordinaire! Program

We're entering week two of fundraising for my illustrated limited edition story collection, Date of Disappearance. Many thanks to all those who have pledged. We're at 15% of the project goal! Now I'd like to add some extra perks to encourage your support.

Each week, beginning next Sunday, Sept. 25th, my Administrative Assistant (my three-year-old son) will select by random drawing a Date of Disappearance PATRON EXTRAORDINAIRE! Every person who has pledged $15 or more since the project launched will be automatically entered in the drawing, and each week’s Patron Extraordinaire! will receive, in addition to the official pledge perks, an EXCLUSIVE NO-EXTRA-COMMITMENT GIFT!

Make your pledge by the end of Saturday (9/24), and be eligible to receive…

A downloadable audio version of my short story “Summer” in its entirety, including my personal audio greeting and dedication to YOU. Listen in the car, on the bus, or during your workout! This is story #7 in the collection. Here’s a two-sentence sneak peek:
“Ingmar came over today. We hung around in the fort and it was like a hundred and ten degrees in there under the fiberglass but we just kept shooting each other with water-uzis.”

PLEDGE BY: 11:59 p.m. PT, Saturday, Sept. 24th

As we move into Week Two of funding, please remember:

a)      This is “micro-philanthropy.” — Anybody can pledge any amount from $1 upward (and every dollar helps)
b)      Your pledge can reserve you a book. $25 gets you the finished, numbered limited edition. You’ll receive a low-numbered copy hot from the printer, plus additional perks!
c)      Support takes many forms. If you can’t pledge monetarily, you can pledge in spirit by helping to spread the word. Embed the Date of Disappearance video on your blog, “Like” it and pass it around!

Now, have a listen to and/or download this audio clip from “We Are Not Civilians Here.” It's Story #4 in the book.

We Are Not Civilians Here, a short story excerpt by M. Allen Cunningham